Latest Release

Hello, my dear Potek Wine enthusiast. Summer is in the rear view mirror, and we are getting very excited in the winery to begin another vintage. The last five years have been early to start for us, with the action well under way by the time Labor Day weekend hits. This year, due to a very mild spring, we are looking at a more “normal” (whatever that means anymore) harvest that starts in early September, and could very well last into early November. This long and cool growing season is thrilling and is setting up for an excellent vintage for us. We’ll keep you posted on the progress, but in the meantime, let’s get delighted about what we’re going to be drinking over the next couple months.

When considering which wines to choose for this release, we were looking for a group of wines that reflect our seasonal transition. We are still enjoying some warm days, and they will likely continue into September and October. We’ve got the citrus crispiness of the dry Riesling to enjoy chilled down for hot weather refreshment.

The days are starting to shorten, though, and when that first cold night hits, the warm spice and richness of the Grenache will be on hand to help you praise the new season. Of course, there will be something to celebrate in the next few months (my first kid just started Kindergarten!), so we’ve got a bottle of super-limited production bubbles to help.

Thank you for supporting these wines, and happy harvest to all of us!