We love Thanksgiving, because it's a day that revolves around food.  But it's more than just the meal, it's the chaos of prepping so many dishes and the convivial process of doing it with friends and family... but, woah. That's a lot of different stuff on the table.  The menu at Thanksgiving covers a cornucopia of flavors and foods.  It can be hard to pair wine with so many different dishes at the same time.  

That's why we're here with our top 3 picks for Thanksgiving dinner.  These versatile wines will work across a vast array of flavors and spices, and they are sure to make your dinner more delicious.

Thanksgiving can be stressful - pie crusts burn and green beans get soggy, but delicious wine at the ready can add some happiness and reduce the frustration if the white meat's a little dry.

2014 Blanc de Noir, Sta Rita Hills

You need a glass of sparkling wine to warm up the palate and brighten up those tastebuds.  Something to sip on when the first guests arrive, but you're not at the table yet. Start the party while you're picking at all the food in the kitchen.  Besides, you can't start a meal without bubbles!

Also, since our 2014 Blanc de Noir from the Sta. Rita Hills is made from Pinot Noir, it's bold enough to pair up with the main event.  The earthy flavors of Pinot with the yeasty flavors fo the lees aging, and the crispy acid will all work together as a palate cleanser that will match up with rich gravies and meats.

2015 Rancho La Viña Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir with its medium body, juicy fruits, and earthy finish may just be the most successful Thanksgiving varietal that exists.  It's a great choice for T-Day dinner, especially if you're doing it real traditional style with simple spicing.

Pinot Noir will work great with white meat, dark meat, tofu meat, and any starch and butter-laden favorite side dish you can throw its way.

Extra credit for the tart red fruits that we get from Sta. Rita Hills to act as a sort of cranberry sauce all its own.

2014 Tierra Alta Grenache

Are you smoking your turkey?  Using a more exotic spice situation?  Breaking out of the traditional box with your Thanksgiving menu?  Grenache is the answer!  It's got more body and richness than Pinot and can match up with more complex flavored dishes like roasted carrots with tumeric and cumin.  Side note -  if you don't subscribe to the NY Times food app, you should.

The bolder flavors make this wine pair well with more intensely flavored turkey and sides.

The fig and dried berry flavors from  properly aged Grenache like this will match well with roasted squash and stuffing.